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  • Asimina Tsolakidou
    " The E-learning package was the most useful output. "

  • Theodoros Sergentanis
    " All outputs are useful. The VIW was excellent in all aspects.Congratulations. "

  • Nafsika Wagger
    " All aspects were useful to get a holisticinsight, especially related to the labour market opportunities & challenges women face in Greece. The most useful aspects were the case studies, the innovative action of Odyssea NGO, the research from the academics, the Policy making recommendations. The most interesting aspect of the project is the transparnecy between different actors occupied in the migrant field "

  • George Tsobanoglou
    " All the outputs were useful. The E-learning package was the most interesting aspect of the project.Useful Project "

  • Theodoros Fouskas
    " The mapping of Case Studies were of utmost importance in the understanding of the female migrants' experiences.The E-learning package is useful output. The methodology implemented could be used for further projects. The project helps in the understanding of migrnt women paths, challenges, resilience and empowerment towards integration. "

  • Nikos Andreopoulos
    " The most useful output are the policy recommendations as they support our day to day operation in the field. The public awarenss and the training process are the most intereting aspectsof the project. "

  • Vicky Zisaki
    " The most ueful output were the policy recommendations to make the change.Innovatie on actual needs, across Europe applicable The nost interesting aspct of the project The most interesting part of the project was to reach its main target : Gender equality including mainly women, Human beings equal treatment, Immigrants are human beings at endm with each own uniquness. Recommendations to be circulated to all beneficiaries and mainly to all governmental officials involved so as to get related actions and prepare a well structurred strategy to be applied. "

  • Aikaterini Bakola
    " The most useful impact were the policy recommendations because we can adopt some of them and implement them inour work. The most interesting aspect were the strong partnership, the interesting findings in 1.01 and the useful approach (gender perspective). I would like to hear the voices of migrat women that prticipated in the project in the final conference. "

  • Anna Evgenia Tsipa
    " All the outputs were equally useful. The most interesting aspect of the project was the idea itself to focus ona gender perspective and study women migration. Very good organization, interesting presentations. "

  • " The most useful output is the positive aspect of the migration since only in this way development can become real. The policy recommndations which in case of implementation will give a significant push to the global development "

  • " The E-learning package was the most useful output "

  • " The E-learning package was the most useful output, it is useful due to the lecturer's needs.The most interesting aspect is of the project are the outcomes on the case studies "

  • Ntifo Chamiti
    " The mostuseful for me is the mapof case studies because it's more interactive, it includes researches from day life of immigrants and their needs.The most interesting aspect of the project is the diversity of the topics, case of studies, important data and researches. "

  • Sintorela Chamiti
    " I would say that the most useful are the policy recommendations, because they show att he same time the "gaps" and what needs to be donee inorder to better life conditions nd better integration for immigrant women "

  • " The Policy Recommendations were the most useful output "

  • " Georgia Pechlidi
    " Mapping of case studies is a very innovative and useful tool for me as postgraduate student since it introduces me to new means of practising policy recommendations. The most interesting aspect of the project is the fact that the project included case studiesregarding the integration of migrant women during the pandemic is a very timely and specialized perspective "

  • "The E-learning package and the divided modules were the most useful output "

  • "Excellent Conference "

  • "The E-learning package and the policy recommendations were the most intersting outputs "

  • "The presentation of Odysseas NGO activities was the the most intersting output. "

  • "The E-learning package was the most useful output. The statistics and the interviews were the most interesting aspect. Everything great. "

  • "The Policy Recommendations were the most useful output. "

  • "The E-learning package was the most useful output. The most interesting aspect of the project were the personal stories of the immigrant women. "

  • "The Mapping and the E-learning package was the most useful output. Very useful and interesting "

  • "Very Informative "


  • Laura Luna
    "I believe that the struggle for the visibility of migrant women, for their rights and for the eradication of some of the social scourges that still persist scourges that still persist today.To suggest a proposal for improvement, add some more audiovisual resources to support the written material. "

  • Lucía Cuenca
    "It is a reality with little visibility and helps to better position oneself when learning how to intervene with them professionally. Very complete and simple. It would be better to add more video and audio resources." "

  • Sofía Montenegro
    "In my opinion it is very useful because there is little training and projects that I have been able to see on the importance of gender in the reality of migration, and the dual importance of gender in the reality of migration, and the double difficulties that are encountered because of being a woman. I see it as complete in general for a first introduction to migration and gender. " "


  • Beatriz Coelho
    " The map of case studies and the e-learning package since it provides a high contact with people. The strengths are the fact of being done by and for women. "

  • Simão Santos
    " The e-learning package allows us to learn something. One of the major strengths is the policy recommendations. "

  • Hugo Fortes
    " The policy recommendations are the most useful. To understand the several obstacles that women face when they leave their home country. "

  • Flávia Rodrigues
    " The e-learning package because it fits the needs that are being pursued. The most interesting aspect of the project is the dissemination of integration measures and the easy access of information for students. "

  • Diana Silva
    " The e-learning package is more appealing and the information is easier to access. "

  • Andreia Ferreira
    " The e-learning package since it is something easier to access from any part. "

  • Carlos Viegas
    " The project is very good and the most useful tool is the map of case studies. "

  • Ana Pastor
    " The most useful resources are the consistency with student’s needs, innovation and scientific credibility. The strengths are giving voice to migrant women and use their stories as an example. It is an excellent project. "

  • João Leite
    " The most useful resources are the policy recommendations since it is something that should be transmitted to young people. I think the website is improving the contents. "

  • Daniela Amaral
    " The e-learning package is the most useful resource since I think it is a plus for those who don't have financial support and are able to complete several forms of training. "

  • Pedro Miguel Barreira
    " The most useful resources are the policy recommendations once it is crucial to be aware of the ideologies around us and get to know which ones will meet welfare. "

  • Rânia Sousa
    " The most interesting tool is the e-learning package, its innovations and scientific credibility. "

  • Samir Zedan
    " The most useful research is the mapping of case studies. Besides the mapping of the case studies, the policy recommendation is a very interesting to be taken into account. "

  • André Martins
    " The e-learning package was very important and a plus. The contents and theoretical approach as the quality of the trainers are of high quality. The project is incredible, well planned and of enormous social impact. "

  • Catarina Fonseca
    " The most useful tool is the e-learning package despite the importance of all the materials. The e-learning process can be completed at any time. The project is very important not only for migrant women but for all. "

  • Maria Luisa Azevedo
    " The e-learning package is the most useful tool because it allows you to deepen your knowledge in a more interactive way. "

  • Cristiana Ribeiro
    " The most important tool is the e-learning package. From my point of view the interesting aspects is that the participants are given a voice. To be able to contact with real case studies, is what makes the project more "realistic". "


  • GAYE Ameth
    " It's important to give a real view to those who want to come to Europe the reality here. So that they don't live in a myth of succes without effort if they arrive. "

  • XU Jiahui
    " The women can speak of their own experiences, that's fondamental. "

  • CABARRUS Rodrigue
    " It's interesting how the comparaison comes out frome differnt countries. "

  • MAZAR Ramdane
    " What I appreciate the most, it's the articulation of personal experiences, social actors' actions, researchers' acadamic results, all in a pluridisciplinary vision. "

  • DIMON Marie Laure
    " We find this project remarkable! "


  • Tjaša Učakar, PhD
    " What I especially credit in this project is the practical aspect of the materials gathered. The VIW project deals with a very complex topic, women in migration, but does that in a precise, concise, very analytical and systematic way, plus it puts tremendous focus on practical usability of the results. The introduction video clearly presents a concrete issue that women in migration face, and does that as a case study of a specific real-life situation that happens every moment on the ground. After that, a short and precise theoretical overview of key concepts is provided, which gives an analytical frame to think and rethink the situation described. 2. The second strong point are the proposed practical activities. For two reasons – first, they are well structured, one or two, not too many, but well thought of and precise. Second, they are not typically cliché. They include well-structured problem-solving questions and short essay assignments, which encourage critical thinking, not just repetition of politically correct definitions. They stem from real-life situations and ask crucial questions on how to tackle the issues identified, within the theoretical and policy framework presented prior. The assignments presented avoid simple answers, but encourage critical thinking and a thorough reflection of the issue presented. 3. Good practices: every module presents some examples of good practices related to the specific field covered in that module. This is important as it presents a starting point for thinking about solutions to the issues presented. As such, the modules don’t just criticize the existing legal and social frameworks, but present an aspect of what progress has already been made in the field. This gives a level of optimism that usually lacks in similar projects, and provides a starting point for reflection for further solutions in the field. "

  • Sanja Cukut Krilić, PhD
    " "For me, the most important strength is the focus on intersectionality – although the focus of the project is on the experiences of women, it is of utmost importance to stress also other axis of social stratification in the migration process. In this way, it also engages with the contested and definitional aspects of the terms that are discussed. It is also crucial that the materials go from the more abstract/general to the more concrete levels, not only in terms of issues, but also in terms of different levels (regional, national, European). Also, it is important that the materials target both the legal (policy) level as well as the practical level of concrete prejudice and discrimination. Practical/real stories are very important to understand the often complicated theoretical issues. Stories that are chosen particularly for Slovenia are diverse, since not only ‘bad’ practices, but also practices of ‘successful integration’ (however contested this terms is) are presented. Also, videos with personal testimonies/stories are very useful. " "

  • Simona Zavratnik, PhD
    " "I believe that the merit of the project is above all the completely analytical arc: from individual examples of integration practices in local / national environments to the recommendations that will be given to policy makers based on these practices. I also think that the project managed to capture the complexity of the gender perspective or determination of female migrants in various roles: as independent migrants and as those who migrate with their families, especially with the children they care for. In addition, the glossary is really a good idea! " "


  • " I find particularly attractive and useful the interactive potential of the training, namely: the programme structure, the presence of links that refer to further in-depth information, the introduction videos, the testimonials and the possibility of comparison with other European realities, which make the fruition of the E-learning programme particularly dynamic … It was a pleasure for me to participate in the project, and I found it particularly useful and educational, especially from a professional point of view. "

  • " "The VIW E-learning training programme was helpful for me in building the framework and collecting specific regulatory and bibliographical references … Mapping case studies could further be useful in the future, in my professional field so as to implement teaching content and activate discussions with students... The mapping of case studies, consistent with the project title, makes the intention to ""give voice"" to migrant women recognisable I find most useful the usability of the provided contents, as it makes the entire programme highly inclusive, not only because of the available languages, but also because of the ways in which the materials can be accessed, and this allows to self-manage the training on one’s own, both in terms of timing, modes (downloading materials, or following online) and locations" "

  • " I find most useful the usability of the provided contents, as it makes the entire programme highly inclusive, not only because of the available languages, but also because of the ways in which the materials can be accessed, and this allows to self-manage the training on one’s own, both in terms of timing, modes (downloading materials, or following online) and locations "


  • Aldana Ratuschny
    " I believe that the VIW project is of great interest in addressing a problem of great complexity and importance today, such as migrations in the Global North, and within them the feminization of migrations, making visible not only the role of women but acknowledging the specificities of their condition. "

  • Aldana Ratuschny
    " I highlight the critical perspective that is projected towards the international system, the legal codes, the models of attention to cultural diversity, the economic system, the labor market, among others. I believe that it is urgent to dialogue, reflect and problematize on these issues, with greater seriousness and knowledge than with which they are usually addressed in the media, but at the same time in an understandable way for most people. I think this is the main strength of the course. "

  • Aldana Ratuschny
    " I also find the format and clarity of the content of both the course and the interactive map, its visual presentation, its dynamism and interactive structure very appropriate. I also find it useful that there are bibliographic, virtual, and visual resources, complementary and optional for those of us who are interested in delving into the subject. "

  • Amanda Garrido Carrasco
    " I consider that the creativity of the project added to the selection of information is one of the best potentials of the course. It offers everything you need to know, not only to raise awareness, but also for the correct intervention. It is one of the most complete courses I have ever taken. "

  • Anabel Carretero Olmedo
    " The content is quite complete since it provides information both at a conceptual and legislative level and, in addition, the case map works as the main reference pillar to relate the content to reality. "

  • Ana Fernández Quiroga
    " I think the fact that the central axis is the women's own testimonies enriches it a lot and makes it very much in line with the realities of migrant women. "

  • Ángela González Martínez
    " They present testimonies unknown to many people in a very interactive and dynamic way. In addition, it puts you in context with reality that is normally difficult to access. On the other hand, it is available in many languages, a quality that seems ideal to me since it can be accessible to more users. "

  • José Luis Rodríguez Camacho
    " The result has exceeded my expectations. It seems to me an easy-to-use tool with a very affordable temporary cost. "

  • Lorena Frías Serra
    " Regarding the Mape of Case Studies, it is important to highlight how it generates greater awareness and understanding among university students, politicians and society in general about their role in society related to the integration of immigrant women. "

  • María Pérez Guevara
    " The most interesting aspect of the project is to attract the reality of so many immigrant women who have been historically invisible. "

  • Marta
    " It makes you analyze migration from different points of view, and observe the existing inequalities in different areas and fields (labour, health, education, among others). "

  • Natalia Correa González
    " I think that one of the most remarkable aspects of the VIW project is its originality, both in its presentation, as well as in its format and content. "

  • Yolanda Pérez Varela
    " Both packages are very useful. The E-Learning Package is a first step towards migratory processes and the Map of Case Studies has allowed me to learn first-hand the migratory experiences and perceptions of migrant women, in a clear and easily accessible way. "

  • Matías Emanuel Althabe
    " The E-Learning Package comprises a set of complex contents that are approached from a transdisciplinary, comprehensive and theoretical-practical approach. The structure of the modules is clear and organized, while including appropriate assessment modalities. "

  • Claudia María López Ortiz
    " The contributions of the study in the different components that the project and its products have refer to its quality and its invaluable and pertinent process in understanding, and various mechanisms of learning and diffusion of migration for women in terms of rights and integrality with innovative and ecological visions. "